Albert Weill set up a small workshop making ready-to-wear clothes for women, in the rue d’Aboukir. Assisted by his children through generations, Bernard, Jean-Pierre and Viviane, Jean-Claude led to Weill opening his first WEILL boutique on the Champs Elysées in 1980.

WEILL is not one of these sleeping beauties that have woken up today, as WEILL has never slept, and that is where it is exceptional. All the products share the same luxurious materials and a twist of glamour - a timeless Parisian elegance. 

WEILL experienced a boom internationally, from Europe to Russia, from the Middle East to China. An uncompromising commitment to quality, the result of a realistic approach and a total respect for women. An ageless elegance with its fashionable overtones and details, faithful as ever to a "savoir-faire" that has been nourished by a richly crafted past.