Founded 2012 in Berlin, the yoga clothing label OGNX represents a philosophy of uniting the joy of fashion with raised awareness. OGNX is a brand for yoga fans and everyone who wants to know the story a product really tells. In this case the decision to create sportswear that is sustainably produced, modern, stylish and affordable. To achieve this goal only organic cotton is used and any involvement of child labour is rejected, the exploitation of the underprivileged and unnecessary waste of resources. OGNX is an open collective of creative minds that designs, produces and sells in Europe to support regional producers and make a stand against the insanity of globalised goods shipping. While using high-quality, cost-intensive materials and guarantee fair payment for everyone involved in the production of theclothes, OGNX have still succeeded in offering them at competitive prices.

OGNX has achieved this not by cutting corners on quality, but by avoiding common features of the fashion industry such as sales staff or expensive showrooms. Resellers like yoga studios or boutiques can order directly via the separate trade website. OGNX does not set payment targets for resellers, thus avoiding inflated accounting and admonition departments, which helps keeps prices stable too. Affordable prices that are being fully passed on to the yoga community.

From yogis with love – OGNX takes an interest in the entire cycle of the products and look forward to seeing them shine on the yoga mat.