Faliero sarti

The Faliero Sarti company born in 1949 with a founder, Mr. Faliero Sarti,he found a
textile department, 'Lanificio Faliero Sarti'', one of the most famous Italian textile
factories that still now they produce very high quality fabrics especially for the women’s market for fashion designers all over the world.

L' Accessorio Faliero Sarti was founded in 1991 as a customer service of Lanificio,
Monica Sarti, designer of the ''L’Accessorio'', was born in Prato 1971. After have studied styling and business in New York, where she also got experience with management, she became a manager and stylistic director of the ''L’ Accessorio'' department in a Faliero Sarti Group in September 1992. Step by step she has changed a lot from the old scarves’ images, and she has started to produce her own collection labeled: Faliero Sarti, season by season the collection came always more sophisticate.